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Be The Next Queen of Haut Monde Mrs India World Wide 2020

The biggest Annual beauty pageant for the married Indian women, Haut Monde Mrs India Worldwide 2020

Haut Monde Mrs India Worldwide is the destination of real beauty for Married Women in India. A platform that recognizes the exemplary strength and distinctive personality of married women, Mrs India World Wide pageant takes pride in the wives and mothers of India.

We at Haut Monde create a positive domino effect that makes Mrs India Worldwide as the stepping-stone for success for all the incredible women around the world. For the last nine years of the charm and inspirational women have broadened their horizons and discovered side to them they think didn’t exist by participating in Mrs India World Wide .

With the new zeal and enthusiasm this year yet again Haut Monde Mrs India Worldwide 2020 is all set with its 10th season, with an ultimate motive to promote Indian married Women Internationally and to instill confidence in them to come forward and demonstrate their talent.

Indian Married Women Participated extensively in the auditions of Haut Monde Mrs India Worldwide 2020 in Bengaluru. The Indian Married women won hearts of all with their looks and talent. Bengaluru women not only raised the bar with their beauty but also thrilled the judges with their skills and persona.

The empowering platform for the women not only paved way for the Indian women to give wings to their dream of become the beauty queen but also enchanted the judges with the competitive spirit .Bengaluru was amazing and the contestants added an extra cap to Haut Monde Mrs India Worldwide 2020 auditions.

Taking its journey forward Haut Monde Mrs India Worldwide has already completed auditions in 11 cities which are Chandigarh, Delhi ,Jaipur , Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Bhubaneswar, Ahmedabad, Mumbai , Lucknow and Patna.

The auditions have been quite competitive with more than 400 participants. Cities of Chennai, Nagpur and Dehradun are next in line… We are also happy to announce that Mrs Hema Malini, our own Bollywood ‘Dream Girl’ as well as doting mother, loving wife and successful producer will be the celebrity jury for our finale. Celebrity Hair Designer, Dr.Silvie Rodgers, Chairman & Founder of Haut Monde Mrs India WorldWide, Mr Bharat Bhramar and the Queen of 2019, Haut Monde Mrs India Worldwide, Mrs Tarini Mukherji will be a part of the jury. 

The winner this year of Haut Monde Mrs India Worldwide 2020 will be awarded with a cash prize of  INR 3 lakh and the Title Winners will be given INR 51 thousand each. Post selection, there would be a 360 degree orientation program offered to the selected contestants.

The Semi-finale this year would be in Europe and we will culminate with a grand Finale in New Delhi. Let’s see who dons the Crown this year and Who becomes the Next Queen for Haut Monde Mrs India Worldwide 2020.

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